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Pouring Coffee into Filter


by daily coffee

Coffee Beans

our coffee bean

We have 7 different type of coffee bean which is Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Special Blend, Signature House Blend, and Single Origin. To know more about this seven different type of coffee bean can click on the "Coffee Beans" button below.

Serving Coffee

enjoy your coffee in a different way

by your private barista

Ground Coffee

our brewing method

Slow Drip

We use cold water that filter by ice as the liquid for the coffee to release or drip about 8 hours to make a cold brew.

Moka Pot

Uses boiling water to force steam through the coffee grounds, so the coffee bubbles up into the pot versus percolating down like in brewed coffee.

Pour Over

Brewing coffee that requires pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter; it's also referred to as hand-brewed coffee.

French Press

Steep directly the roasted and ground gourmet coffee in the water before the grounds are separated from the brewed coffee using a plunger with a filter on the end. 

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