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Affin X WMG - Gemmis in corde


DAILY COFFEE as one of Exhibition Partner at Gemmis in corde Affin TRX

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one of Exhibition Partner at Gemmis in corde Affin TRX


Affin Invikta X Daily Coffee - Gift Box


Affin Invikta X Daily Coffee - Gift Box


Affin Invikta X Daily Coffee - Gift Box


Affin Invikta X Daily Coffee - Gift Box

affin invikta gift box

Daily Coffee is proud to be an exclusive partnership with Affin Invikta, resulting in a unique VIP Gift Box crafted especially for the esteemed clients of Affin Invikta


The VIP Gift Box is not just a gesture; it's a testament to the strength of partnerships and the joy that comes from the perfect blend of coffee and banking excellence. Get ready to unwrap a world of sophistication, exclusively designed for Affin Invikta's VIP clients. Cheers to a shared journey of success!

Affin Invikta X Daily Coffee

A unique blend of art and caffeine at the Beyond Contemporary Art Penang (BCAP) 2023 International Art Summit & Expo! Daily Coffee is collab with Affin Invikta, bringing a symphony of flavors to complement the vibrant tapestry of artistic expressions. As the world converges in Penang for this extraordinary event, we are excited to serve not only the finest coffee but also a cultural experience that transcends borders.


The Perfect Pairing

Daily Coffee x Affin Invikta At BCAP 2023, Daily Coffee and Affin Invikta unite to create an immersive experience for art enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs alike. Our collaboration aims to elevate the senses, marrying the rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee with the thought-provoking masterpieces that adorn the walls of BCAP. Join us on a journey where each sip is a toast to artistic expression.

Savor the Flavor

Daily Coffee's Artisanal Brews Indulge in the delightful world of Daily Coffee's artisanal brews, specially curated for BCAP 2023. From single-origin wonders to meticulously crafted blends, our coffee menu is designed to cater to diverse palates. As you explore the galleries and engage with the global artistic community, let our premium coffee offerings enhance your sensory experience.

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